Elf and not the Christmas kind

5 Oct

I’m not sure how many people have used or bought ELF or Eyes, lips, face products but I never had. I love a good bargain but I also require high quality when it comes to cosmetics. I have champagne taste on a beer budget you could say. So when a girl in my family psych class said she got her amazing coral blush for $3 I chuckled. I mean really? 3 dollars?! That’s ridiculous especially since it looked remarkably like Nars Orgasm (which as much as I love it it is my special occasion blush because its so expensive). She pulled it out of her purse and first off the packaging was high quality, much like Nars compact and sleek black packaging. And the color was great. But what got me was when she said you can get it at target. I love love love target (who doesn’t?!). So of course I ran out to target that day to check it out. My target was out if the blushes I wanted but I did get a bronzer for $3 that I love for winter.


So pretty right?! It’s more illuminating than a bronzer for me, I’m fairly tan though. It gives this light color and glow that I love. And I actually used the different shades as my eye shadow too since I love a neutral shimmer. I ordered a pretty good amount of stuff offline too. The website is eyeslipsface.com. I definitely owe that girl a big thank you


Two apartments = twice the fun

24 Sep

Officially moved my boyfriend into his new Chicago apartment this weekend. So after days of lifting heavy boxes, unpacking, and trying to find places to put all his stuff we are almost done unpacking. This place is way more “ours” than his old place was, very cozy. I am in love with the location and neighborhood. And I was even more excited to realize that we are just a train stop away from a huge 2 story Target! Yup 2 whole stories of inexpensive items that are delightfully cute! Also I’m very excited to be able to easily go shopping without a 3 hour drive or train ride from home! So yay! I’m sure there will be a major haul post soon when I have a bit more time to shop ūüôā

From my toes to my finger tips

12 Sep

I painted my nails with the polish I bought yesterday. I decided on “Cinna-Snap” for my toes

And “Slick Slate” for my fingers.

I am obsessed with this gray taupe-y shade! It’s so pretty but still different and it goes with everything. I think it would be amazing with a matte top coat too. It is just so pretty. I wore it to class today and had like 5 people ask me what color it is. If you read my last post you already know but the shade is Sally Hansens Insta-dri in “Slick Slate”.
This color maybe a new favorite of mine.

What are you’re guys favorite polishes? Leave me a comment so I can check them out!


Sorry and my new/refreshed love affair

11 Sep

Ok first things first I am Sorry sorry sorry for being MIA for a the last couple weeks. I’ve been sick then classes started plus work and life in general but I am back and ready to go.

Now the new love affair I want to talk about is actually an old one but I recently refreshed it and this old love would be with the store Ulta. I don’t know if you’ve heard of this mecca of makeup, hair, and skin products both high end and drugstore but I am officially declaring my love for it. I work at the mall and since I’m there often I sometimes (more often than I should) will head in early and check out my favorite stores. I usually skip Ulta because frankly my collection of beauty products is already large. But yesterday I stopped in for some dry shampoo since I ran out a couple days ago and my head was looking like a flat grease ball. Well 40 minutes later I walked out with a lighter wallet and a huge smile on my face.
I figured I’d share what I got since I am obsessed with a few of these things.


1. Baliste Dry Shampoo- I love this stuff and this one came with a travel size too ūüôā
2. Garnier Anti-Humidity Volumizing Hairspray
3. NYX lip pencil in “nude pink”
4. Travel size Anastasia Brow Essentials includes brow gel, matte highlight pencil, and mini tweezers.
5. NYX 10 Eye Shadow Palette in Caviar and Bubbles – I love this palette it reminds me of the Too Face Natural eye or Urban Decay Naked
6. Mario Badescu travel size Acne Facial Cleanser- love it, I use it in the morning and night, just needed a travel size.
7. Revlon lip butters in “Berry Smoothie” (a my lips but better color), “Candy Apple” (a true red, slightly sheer), and “Raspberry Pie” (fushia color, I’m unsure about it). I LOVE these, the formula is amazing!
8. Revlon Color Stay Liquid Lipcolor in “Nude #1”
9. Garnier Refreshing Remover Cleansing Cloths.
10. Sally Hansen Nail Polishes. Insta-dri formula in “Slick Slate” (super pretty gray taupe color), “Petal Pusher” (baby pink color”, and “Cinna-snap” (wine color). Gem Crush formula in “Big Money” (I am obsessed with this color!).
And the Xtreame wear formula in “Invisible”.

I’m unsure on the liquid lip color in nude and the Raspberry pie lip butter. But otherwise I am thrilled with these purchases. I hope this post wasn’t too boring or ridiculous but I am just do excited! If anyone has questions on any of the products feel free to ask!

Thanks y’all!

Corn and my next pinterest project (I know its a few days late)

26 Aug

So in my last post I shared my pintrest pic of the week, the grilled in husk corn… It was actually a¬†success… I ¬†think that might be how we do it from now on, it was incredibly juicy and delicious. The seasoning didn’t work as well, I would have liked a bit more spice since the corn was so sweet. It was¬†really¬†good though.¬†

Now for the next pinterest project, since my boyfriend will be moving back to Chicago ( I unfortunately have to stay behind for school) But i will be splitting my time between the city and campus so its kinda a joint effort as far as moving and decorating goes. He wants new bedding and I am obsessed with anthropologie bedding.Specfically the knotted duvet they had online.

I found this tutorial, it’s Kojo’s tutorial for Anthropologie inspired Knotted bedding, It seems do-able but time consuming so this project will span a few weeks. Basically I’m gonna buy a plain duvet cover and a kind size sheet set, make the knotted squares and quilt the hell out of them, but since my¬†boyfriend¬†an I each have a dog (a mutt and a puggle) I want something other than white since it would be white for exactly 2 seconds, so I plan to either dye the sheets or just buy the color if I can find it, I’m thinking a gray color… So I am gonna jump into the project this next week. since im off most of the time. and need a project. I’m really excited to start sewing again and excited to start such a cool project. Hopefully you all enjoy the next few weeks of documentation.
































Pinterest post of the week

20 Aug

So my beau and I are having a barbecue tonight so I figured it would be the perfect time to try out one of my pins I talked about in my last post. I decided to try to grill the ears of fresh sweet corn I bought at the farmers market Saturday in husk following this recipe from Divas Can Cook¬†it’s called Sweet and Smokey Grilled Corn on the cob. Apparently cooking corn in the husk makes it more flavorful and juicy. It makes sense if you follow the logic of cooking meat with the skin on makes it juicier and moist (I hate the word but it is somewhat necessary when describing good meat, Isn’t it?) The corn is supposed to look like this…Image

Later I’ll post what ours really looked like… You can judge if its passable or not ūüôā

I have a confession

14 Aug

My name is Kaitlin and I am a Pinterest addict.
I am obsessed with this site. I swear I probably pinterest more than I do anything else on the Internet including YouTube, Facebook, or twitter and definitely studying lol. It’s just so full of pretty and seemingly simple things. I pin everything from nail art to wedding inspiration (no I am not engaged). I know I’m not alone in pinning recipes I won’t make, organization tips that I won’t use, and clothing I can’t buy. It’s never ending. So as a result I have decided that every week I want to pick something on pinterest and actually do it… Or attempt it.
I also plan to post about it. Pictures and all. I just need a project to start this week. Maybe something easy to start. Like one of the million nail art tutorials I’ve pinned since my nails seriously need to be done, I’m embarrassed by how gross they are. Like I want to wear mittens around because people might shun me bad.