Elf and not the Christmas kind

5 Oct

I’m not sure how many people have used or bought ELF or Eyes, lips, face products but I never had. I love a good bargain but I also require high quality when it comes to cosmetics. I have champagne taste on a beer budget you could say. So when a girl in my family psych class said she got her amazing coral blush for $3 I chuckled. I mean really? 3 dollars?! That’s ridiculous especially since it looked remarkably like Nars Orgasm (which as much as I love it it is my special occasion blush because its so expensive). She pulled it out of her purse and first off the packaging was high quality, much like Nars compact and sleek black packaging. And the color was great. But what got me was when she said you can get it at target. I love love love target (who doesn’t?!). So of course I ran out to target that day to check it out. My target was out if the blushes I wanted but I did get a bronzer for $3 that I love for winter.


So pretty right?! It’s more illuminating than a bronzer for me, I’m fairly tan though. It gives this light color and glow that I love. And I actually used the different shades as my eye shadow too since I love a neutral shimmer. I ordered a pretty good amount of stuff offline too. The website is eyeslipsface.com. I definitely owe that girl a big thank you


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