Hello world!

11 Aug

Hey There!

I figured I’d start off with a very short intro just to get my feet wet.

I am a novice blogger, college student (psych major), but for the point of this blog I will skip that stuff. I love love love beauty, fashion, and anything homey and vintage. I’m slightly obsessed with new products, trends, and methods. If only you could see my makeup drawers (yes plural) you would understand the extent of this obsession. But as much as I love all those things who has the time to be an excellent student, chef, housekeeper, stylist, beautician, and personal trainer?! I don’t that’s for sure, so I am all about having the pretty frills of all of those things without the time consuming effort. Effortlessly chic sums up my entire goal. I am sure my efforts to find the balance between glamorous and practical will not be with out its fair share of misses (hopefully not more than hits) so I figured I would share these efforts with the rest of you struggling glamazons!


K 🙂