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I have a confession

14 Aug

My name is Kaitlin and I am a Pinterest addict.
I am obsessed with this site. I swear I probably pinterest more than I do anything else on the Internet including YouTube, Facebook, or twitter and definitely studying lol. It’s just so full of pretty and seemingly simple things. I pin everything from nail art to wedding inspiration (no I am not engaged). I know I’m not alone in pinning recipes I won’t make, organization tips that I won’t use, and clothing I can’t buy. It’s never ending. So as a result I have decided that every week I want to pick something on pinterest and actually do it… Or attempt it.
I also plan to post about it. Pictures and all. I just need a project to start this week. Maybe something easy to start. Like one of the million nail art tutorials I’ve pinned since my nails seriously need to be done, I’m embarrassed by how gross they are. Like I want to wear mittens around because people might shun me bad.