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Corn and my next pinterest project (I know its a few days late)

26 Aug

So in my last post I shared my pintrest pic of the week, the grilled in husk corn… It was actually a success… I  think that might be how we do it from now on, it was incredibly juicy and delicious. The seasoning didn’t work as well, I would have liked a bit more spice since the corn was so sweet. It was really good though. 

Now for the next pinterest project, since my boyfriend will be moving back to Chicago ( I unfortunately have to stay behind for school) But i will be splitting my time between the city and campus so its kinda a joint effort as far as moving and decorating goes. He wants new bedding and I am obsessed with anthropologie bedding.Specfically the knotted duvet they had online.

I found this tutorial, it’s Kojo’s tutorial for Anthropologie inspired Knotted bedding, It seems do-able but time consuming so this project will span a few weeks. Basically I’m gonna buy a plain duvet cover and a kind size sheet set, make the knotted squares and quilt the hell out of them, but since my boyfriend an I each have a dog (a mutt and a puggle) I want something other than white since it would be white for exactly 2 seconds, so I plan to either dye the sheets or just buy the color if I can find it, I’m thinking a gray color… So I am gonna jump into the project this next week. since im off most of the time. and need a project. I’m really excited to start sewing again and excited to start such a cool project. Hopefully you all enjoy the next few weeks of documentation.